Best Kenwood Mixer – Kenwood Chafette

All baking lovers need a good quality stand mixer and it makes for a sound investment if you’re serious about perfect baking. The best mixers make general mixing, whipping and kneading tasks a breeze and save you tons of time as well.

The best kenwood mixer mixes up cakes, kneads the dough, whips up cream and whisks eggs in minutes without you having to break a sweat.

The Kenwood Chafetthe hand and stand mixer comes with a 3 litre capacity, a stand and a rotating bowl, with 5 speeds.

A stand mixer like this excels at baking tasks much more than your food processor. Whether you’re baking a large batch of cakes or cookies, you can use the Kenwood Chafette for the kneading, whisking jobs and utilise the pulse function for folding meringues.

It is also sturdy enough to not fly around the countertop when you knead a big batch of dough and comes with a dough hook, a metal balloon whisk attachment and a beater tool.

So go ahead and whip up light batters like for pancakes and dense ones like for a fruitcake without a worry.